WEET Guide us How to Connect the WEET SMD Round and Square Package Bridge Rectifiers

Rectifier Bridge is the most widely used electronic components, and also the most basic rectifier in circuit design. Because of this universality and fundamentality, there are many types of parameter package in the design of a rectifier bridge, but their structures are basically the same.

1、 How to connect the WEET SMD Surface Mount bridge rectifier?

For example, MB6S is commonly used in WEET brand. From the appearance of the product, we can find the relationship between the internal positive and negative poles of the SMD rectifier bridge and the four pin positive and negative poles. When the SMD rectifier bridge is connected, we can correctly connect the positive and negative poles according to the product printing. MB6S has four pins which are stretched out by black plastic and bent at the end. This is the design made to fit in the circuit board, and it is also the origin of a series of naming of MB6S. The four pins (leads) of MB6S are respectively located at the left and right ends of the body. The - represents the negative pole, the + represents the positive pole, and the other two leads are the ~ represents the AC. The main body of MB6S is black epoxy.

2、 How to connect the WEET round package bridge rectifier?

Take the most common WEET brand 2W10 model of round bridge rectifier bridge as an example. We can see clearly that there is a longer pin in the four pins of round bridge 2W10. When connecting the round bridge rectifier, we should take this "special" pin as a reference, find out the positive and negative poles of the rectifier bridge and connect them correctly.

Like 2W10, other round bridge rectifier models also have the characteristics of unequal length of four pins, which is the most important part to distinguish the positive and negative poles of round bridge stack. Looking at the round bridge pile carefully, it is found that one pin is longer than the other three. This long pin is the positive pole, and the other pin opposite to it is the negative pole. The other two pins are also input terminals, belonging to the AC terminal, regardless of positive and negative poles, which can also be represented by "~" in the circuit.

3、 How to connect the WEET square package bridge rectifier?

In the two kinds of rectifier bridges described above, the positive and negative poles of four pins are easy to judge. The ones with "+" and "-" symbols are DC output, and the back end is connected with circuit load, while the other two feet with "~" symbols or without symbols are AC input and connected with AC power supply. There is also a kind of square bridge rectifier bridge wiring is relatively troublesome. Now let me explain: the square bridge rectifier bridge with four feet also has one positive and one negative pole and two AC power input feet. However, it is different from the general wiring method of Rectifier Bridge. When wiring, pay attention to which position should be connected, and do not connect it wrong.

Taking KBPC5010 as an example, we can see that there are three feet in parallel plane, only one foot is vertical, the "special" corresponds to the "+" sign, so the foot is positive; the foot diagonally with the "special" foot is negative. The remaining two pin symbols indicate that "AC" or "~" is the AC identification, and what is connected is the AC point. These two pins are connected to the power supply.


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