WEET BC368 NPN General Purpose Amplifier Silicon NPN Transistor in a TO-92 Plastic Package

WEET WEE Technology NPN − BC368; PNP − BC369 Amplifier Transistors Features:

Type Designator: BC368. 

Material of Transistor: Si. 

Polarity: NPN. 

Maximum Collector Power Dissipation (Pc): 0.8 W. 

Package: TO-92. 

Lead/Terminal Type: Radial Number Leads/Terminals

Cross Reference: ON SEMICONDUCTOR (FAIRCHILD) BC368 | Transistor: bipolar,NPN; 25V; 1A; 800mW; TO92

Solution application · IT application · Digital application · Automotive application ·
Circuit protection application · Power application · LED application:

 B772, B772P01, B772P02, BC327, BC328, BC337, BC338, BC368, BC369, BC546 


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