WEET Bridge Rectifiers BR5010 BR1510W BR3510W BR5010W BR1510L BR2510L BR3510L BR5010L Applications

BR5010 1000V 50A Bridge Rectifier is specially for ultrasonic mask machine  , these products are widely used in audio, professional power amplifier, power supply, communication, automotive electronics, energy-saving lamps, home appliances, and other fields

50.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR50005-BR5010. 

15.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR15005W-BR1510W

35.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR35005W-BR3510W

50.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR50005W-BR5010W

15.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR15005L-BR1510L

25.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR25005L-BR2510L

35.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR35005L-BR3510L

50.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR50005L-BR5010L

50A, 1000V conventional rectifier bridge rectifier is KBPC5010, zinc shell and copper pin, widely used in medium and small power supply rectifier.

The difference between BR5010, 50A plastic shell bridge rectifier and conventional KBPC5010 is that the shell is insulation plastic shell, and the heat dissipation mainly depends on the bottom aluminum sheet


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