WEET WEE Technology 5G APPLICATIONS of Diodes and Rectifiers in Base Stations System Architecture

5G has become a trend in network, in order to meet the latest technology and application,
WEET also driven for upgrade our quality in diodes and rectifiers.

WEET will provide the best and most suitable electrons components in 5G filed.

System Architecture (diagram)

High Current Density Bridge Rectifiers

Didoes and Rectifiers

Schottky Rectifiers

Low Voltage Rectifiers

Small Signal Switching Diodes

Small Signal Schottky Diodes

Small Signal Zener Diodes

High current density bridge rectifiers in compact packages

• Low VF and high forward surge current capability

• Improves system power efficiency

Rectifiers in compact packages for auxiliary functions (snubber, clamp, bootstrap, rectifier, etc.)

• Increased power density for space savings

• Improved recovery for better EMC

Schottky rectifiers in compact packages for sub-power in line cards

• Increased power density for space savings

Low voltage rectifiers for bridgeless and multiphase bridgeless topologies

• Increased power density for space savings, improved efficiency


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