WEET KBPC5010 Rectification Bridge 50A 1000V 5010 Square Single Phase Square Flat Foot Rectifier

Brand new bridge rectifier
No. of Pins: 4
No. of Phases: Single
Model: KBPC 5010
Voltage rating: 1000V
Current rating: 50A
Metal casing for maximum heat dissipation
Casing has a center mounting hole
Heavy duty terminals

KBPC5010 rectification bridge, 50A1000V 5010 square, single-phase square flat-foot rectifier

These rectification devices are used as Components of power supplies, Detectors of radio signals

They are available from minimum current capacity of 50A,voltage from 50V to 1000V

Other Values are : KBPC5005, KBPC5001, KBPC5002, KBPC5004, KBPC5006, KBPC5008, KBPC5010


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