WEET Suggested Part Number About What Diodes are Suitable to Use in Your Different Applications

WEE Technology Company Limited full range of diodes and bridge rectifiers,
which gained good reputation all over the world by all kinds of business fields.
WEE diodes and bridge Rectifiers are wildly use in Automotive, energy saving lamp rectifier,
computer peripherals, communications equipment, household appliances, aerospace products,
medical devices, solar photovoltaic industry and other fields.
We are always finding the best solutions to our customers. We are WEE. We Enhance Efficiency.

ApplicationSuggested Product FamlilySuggested Part Number  (For Reference Only)
Motor ControlTransient Voltage Suppressors15KPA75A, 20KPA104A, 30KPA102A, TPK30KP100A
Single Phase Bridge RectifiersGBU406G, GBU808, GBU1006, GBU1008, GBPC2508, GBJ2508, GBPC3506, GBPC3508
Ultra-Fast Recovery RectifiersER5J, MUR1560, MUR1660
Smart Power MeterTransient Voltage Suppressors1.5KE200CA, SMCJ170CA, 1.5KE400CA, 3.0SMCJ170CA, SMBJ400CA
Single Phase Bridge RectifiersDF156S, DB155S, KBP206G
Ultra-Fast Recovery RectifiersES1DER3D, ES1DSL
Schottey Barrier RectifiersSL54B, MBRD540, MBRD10100, MBRF10100CT
High Speed Switching Diodes1N4448WS, 1N4148WT
WelderTransient Voltage SuppressorsSMBJ400CA1.5KE200CASMCJ200CASMCJ400CA
Single Phase Bridge RectifiersGBU406G, GBJ606, GBU606G, GBU806, GBJ1006, GBU1006
Ultra-Fast Recovery RectifiersER5JES1JER3D, HD860, SDURD560A, PFL1006, SDUR1560, SDUR2060
Industrial Air ConditioningTransient Voltage Suppressors1.5KE200CASMCJ400CA, 5KP200CA, 15KPA200CA, 30KPA400CA
Single Phase Bridge RectifiersGBJ1006, GBU1006, GBU1506, GBPC2506, GBPC3506
Ultra-Fast Recovery RectifiersER3G, SDURD560A, MURD560, HD860
Schottey Barrier RectifiersST5100S, ST8100, ST10100S, ST10100C, ST12100

ApplicationSuggested Product FamlilySuggested Part Number  (For Reference Only)
Electric Vehicle Charging StationTransient Voltage Suppressors1.5KE200CA, 5KP200CA, TPK15KP200CA, 15KPA200CA, 30KPA400CA
Single Phase Bridge RectifiersGBU1006, GBU1008, GBPC2508, GBJ2508, GBPC3506, GBPC3508
Ultra-Fast Recovery RectifiersPFL1006, MUR1060CT, SDURB2060, SDURB3060, SDURB6060WT, MUR6060W
DC / DC,ConverterUltra-Fast Recovery RectifiersES1JES3J, HD860, PFL1006, MUR1660
Switching InverterUltra-Fast Recovery RectifiersES1M, SDURD5120, PFL1006, SDURB3060
Control / MonitorHigh Speed Switching DiodesBAV99T, 1N4448WS
Schottey Barrier RectifiersSL14, 1N5819W
Automotive HVACSingle Phase Bridge RectifiersMB6S, ABS107, DBS10,MB6F, MB10M
ECU Power ManagementUltra-Fast Recovery RectifiersER3G, SDURD560A, MURD560, HD860
Electric Power SteeringUltra-Fast Recovery RectifiersES1JER3DER2CSS3JSS5J
Automotive Load DumpTransient Voltage Suppressors5KP24A, 5.0SMCJ24A, TPK07KP24A, 15KPA24A, TPK07KP26
EV Battery Management SystemSchottey Barrier RectifiersSK1840D,STB2045
Transient Voltage SuppressorsSMF60A,SMAJ54A,SMAJ60A,SMAJ70A,SMBJ54A
Silicon Planar Zener DiodesBZT52C5V6,MMSZ5232B,BZT52B6V8,SMAJ5.0A
Stack MonitorSilicon Planar Zener DiodesMM5Z5V6,MM5Z12,BZT52B12S
Cooling Fan DriveSilicon Planar Zener DiodesSMAJ12A,SMAJ15A,SMBJ15A,3.0SMI15


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