WEET Tell the Truth That Some Factories Use Small Chips to Cost Down and How To Test Diode Chip Size

Do you know how to test a diode rectifier chip size?
Some low level factory even use very small chips to cost down.
 But WEET will never do it. The chip size have great influence on the performance of a diode.
 WEET would like to show some samples ways to test the chip size.
 1, Conduct IFSM surge current test, and observe the test date.
2, After dissolving the chip with the organic solvent, specially dissolving the epoxy resin packaging material,
 use the optical measuring tool to detect the size
3, It is necessary to cut off the diode, cut off the lead at one end of the chip,
 polish the welding position until the core of the tube is exposed, and then observe with an electron microscope.

WEET SMC(DO-214AB) S5A THRU S5M (S5A, S5B, S5D, S5G, S5J, S5K, S5M) General Purpose Plastic Rectifier

WEET SMB(DO-214AA) S3A THRU S3M (S3A, S3B, S3D, S3G, S3J, S3K, S3M) General Purpose Plastic Rectifier

WEET SMA(DO-214AC) S2A THRU S2M ( S2A, S2B, S2D, S2G, S2J, S2K, S2M) General Purpose Plastic Rectifier


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